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Around The World Hijab (Style?): Iraq

I've been putting off doing this post for a quite a while now because searching for photos to do with Iraqis is quite, um, traumatic, shall we say.. Especially when it comes to the photos graphically depicting how some of the 'hero' soldiers treat Iraqi women (and men..). Before I go off on a looong tangent in which I'll get people telling me that not all soldiers are the same and that I'm making generalized sweeping statements about the good Americans, I'll press on..
First, I kinda like this photo. The women are wearing traditional Iraqi overhead abayas on the right and the two on the left are wearing galabiyas:
Hmm, no doubt this next cliche photo was put together but one of the invading countries.. it makes it out as though women have been liberated and can suddenly vote. Reality check: Iraqi women were given the right to vote in 1980 - no thanks to any foreign troops that is.
Peering curiously:

Looking bored..

Ahh, more fruits of The Big Liberation Plan.. Keep them occupied with second hand American weapons and then sell their oil to the highest bidder (BP, who else?!)

And my actual favorite photo of all time (no sarcasm on this one lol) - taken in an Iraqi university of an Iraqi soldier.. There's something about it that I really like:

And finally:
Who's she pointing at, I wonder..

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