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What does the iPhone 4 teaches us about the iPad 2

iphone 4 ipad 2
What does the iPhone 4 teaches us about the iPad 2
HIGH TECH - Future enhancements of the iPad are here ...

Now that the iPhone 4 is official; the direction that will take the iPad has become clearer. Steve Jobs even gave us some clues about what will probably iPad 2.


First, it is clear that the next iPad will be a front camera. Steve said that Apple "sold tens of millions of FaceTime devices this year so there will be many people to speak with " But uh, Steve! The iPhone 4 Is not currently the only device with FaceTime? Unless the application will soon be installed on other devices? Hmmm?

This does not confirm a new iPad provided with front camera out for the end of the year, even though with Apple we have to wait. But later in the spring, when the iPad will be one year, there will certainly an iPad with at least one front camera.

Top screen

The new high density screen "Retina" of the iPhone 4 should logically be on the iPad too. Otherwise what would look the iPad next to the beautiful iPhone 4 high resolution in the Apple Store?

A quick calculation on a corner of sheet allows us to determine that an iPad with the same pixel density as the iPhone 4 should have a resolution of 2660 × 1774 pixels. Fantastic. And terribly unlikely. Because it seems too cumbersome for the processor A4, even in a more swift. But the guys in Cupertino may find a happy medium for pussyfoot (You decide which is which).


What can they still add more? Memory and a faster processor, probably, even if the iPad does not really seem to need to now. But with the advent of multitasking iOS4 in June, the small amount of RAM embedded in the Apple Tablet may be more noticeable.

So when the iPad 2 will out with his camera and its high density screen, you can always buy your iPad 1 on eBay or Amazon.

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