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We met at a business meeting. You flirted with the other girls, I paid you no attention.

You kept fidgeting with your car keys, tossing them in the air as you spoke. So you have a car, you aint the first.

You offered me a ride. We're headed in the same direction, what the hell. Its just a ride, right?

Few days later you call me. I didn't give you my number but sure you have it some where in you business notebook.

Apparently you are taking a trip to Nakuru with a local celebrity. Good for you but what has that got to do with me.

Now you are offended that I wont go with you. Like my plans couldn't be worth my time. What kind of girl do you take me for?

You say you spend 200,000 just that. That you are set like a muthafuka. For you money ain't a problem.

Now that i'm your girl, I demand 10,000 every week. You mutter under your breath that i'm only with you for your money. sic.

What do you expect old fool. Its the only side of you I saw!

Fellas if your are goin to play the money card to seduce a woman, dont complain that she only "loves you for your money. If you want a woman to fall for the other side of you, show her that side, and let her decide if you are worth her time.

love you all,


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